Social Work Launches Community Service-Learning Project @ MUN

Stuttering is not something that receives a lot of attention and is poorly understood by many. Yesterday’s Memorial University Newfoundland Social Work Community Service-Learning Project Campaign Launch, Promoting and Supporting The Newfoundland and Labrador Stuttering Association, was both a humbling and exhilarating experience. A humbling and exhilarating experience, because, here, were three MUN Social Work students, Kataya Stewart, Brooke Rendell and Tyler Yetman who do not stutter, who were unfamiliar with stuttering, introducing The NLSA and STUTTERING to the MUN community. The NLSA Booth was located in the University Centre, situated on the 3rd floor in front of the Student Volunteer Bureau. This location was a prime location and ¬†conducive to a lot of student and staff traffic who visited our Booth, asking a plethora of questions about The NLSA and STUTTERING. ¬†

Their NLSA Booth set up displaying posters, pictures and messages which they designed specifically for The NLSA were outstanding.  The NLSA Booth pictures and our group pictures, especially the expressions on our faces, illustrate an awesome and exhilarating experience yesterday

Kataya, Brooke, and Tyler  deserve much recognition, accolades and applause for their time, commitment and quality of work bringing this Project to fruition and for successfully promoting The NLSA’s Mission of Advocacy and Support for People Who Stutter.  People who stutter is a under represented, under serviced  and marginalized population in our province.  Yesterdays Launch was another huge step towards creating awareness, understanding, education and acceptance of STUTTERING.  I consider Kataya, Brooke, and Tyler as new Ally’s for the People Who Stutter.

Kataya, Brooke, and Tyler, on behalf of The NLSA, with sincere gratitude and appreciation, THANK YOU.


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